Politics and Poetics of the Rainforest

Resistances EN




A fight for culture

Indigenous Amazonian art articulates the political resistance of communities from the region in the face of the current ecological crisis. The modes of thought that contribute to a balanced relationship between humans and non-humans in the Amazon River Basin run counter to a form of extractivism based upon the objectification of the natural wold, which drives Indigenous peoples out of their ancestral territories.

The artists from the Amazon reveal a dialogic exchange between different beings–plants, animals, humans and spirits–who converge into a multispecies socio-politics. The ties binding diverse forms of existence turn each Indigenous person into an activist working to defend her/his mode of living, knowledge, language and memories, at risk due to foreign incursions: scourges such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, mining, oil extraction, illegal logging and agribusiness that plague the region.


La voz de los creadores

Brus Rubio Churay

Enrique Casanto Shingari



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