Politics and Poetics of the Rainforest

Lastenia Canayo
Lastenia Canayo García Pecon Quena was born in Roaboya, Padre Márquez, Lower Ucayali, Loreto, in 1962. She is an embroiderer, painter and Shipibo Konibo ceramist. She learned the art of ceramics and embroidery from her mother and grandmother. She taught herself to paint in the context of her work at the Andean Rural History Seminar of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos with the historian Pablo Macera. While there, she joined a generation of artists, active since the end of 1990, who were pioneers of contemporary Amazonian Indigenous painting. As a result of that work, she published Dueños de las plantas (Lima, 2002) and Los dueños del mundo shipibo (Lima, 2004), with a prologue by Pablo Macera. She is also the author, along with Carmen del Águila, of the book Magia y verdad del mundo Shipibo. She is the creator of a series of visual imaginaries of the Ybo yoshin, or owners of plants and animals, themes that she has captured in different media. Her work has been exhibited in group exhibitions in Peru and abroad. She was recognized as a Meritorious Personality of Culture in 2014. She was a member of the Peruvian delegations that participated in the Bogotá Book Fair (2014) and the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico (2021).


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