Politics and Poetics of the Rainforest

Brus Rubio Churay
Brus Rubio Churay is an artist, curator and cultural manager from the Murui-Bora Indigenous people. He was born in 1984 in Pucaurquillo, in the Ampiyacu River Basin, Mariscal Castilla, Loreto, in Peru. He participated in a collective exhibition titled “Birth of Huitoto - Bora Art” organized by anthropologist Jorge Gashé in 2002 at the Gallery of the Iquitos Continental Bank. His exhibition “Invisible Forest” was displayed at the Visual Arts Gallery of the Ricardo Palma University (2010), at the Irapay Cultural Center in Iquitos, at the Jean Briance Edifor Gallery in Paris, and at the Maison des Associations du 15è arrondissement Gallery in Paris (2012). He won second place in the National Competition Passport for an Artist, organized by the Alliance Française and by the French Embassy in 2011. He participated in Pachamama, the 49th Festival of Popular Traditions at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. His work has been exhibited in Buenos Aires, Paris, Havana, London and Madrid. Together with the filmmaker Lupe Benites, he founded the Invisible Forest Gallery in Monumental Callao.



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